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A Winning Resolution for the New Year

By Maria L. Santos - Posted on 06 January 2015

My husband believes in setting personal goals at the beginning of each year and writing them down. He suggested that my ten year old daughters do the same and start the tradition now. Of course, my first suggestion for a goal my girls should both aim to achieve fully in 2015 was “to keep Mom happy” to which they immediately replied “it does not work that way, Mom”.

How does it work? Life is not about always being happy and it is not all about winning. For me, life is about staying involved and not giving up during the tough times and cherishing the victories when achieved. I remember a few years ago attending a book signing event with Ira Kurzban who writes what many immigration practitioners consider the “bible on immigration.”. Attorney Kurzban wrote: “we will succeed”, referring to the battle for comprehensive immigration reform. I believe him. I just hope it happens during my lifetime.

My goal in 2015 is what it always is: remain fully engaged in the battle and enjoy every win, even those that appear temporary and limited—like executive action.

Personally, I see life more as the “peaks and valleys” that we travel rather than a garden that is planned and maintained to be admired by all who care to view it. Engagement is key for life’s successes. I believe this in all aspects of my life—personal and career/community.

I look forward to the good fight in 2015 and the win that we will all treasure.